There is an orderly and peaceful Kingdom on our planet, where history of ancient cultural treasures and breath taking scenery can be found. This majestic country is the Kingdom of Morocco. Here, one can achieve the fulfillment of a major life time dream of the Sahara Desert to the High Atlas Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean, experiencing the Berber culture all the way. Grand Morocco will deliver all this inspiring travel.

Grand Morocco aims to connect our clients to our historic culture, architecture and nature – based experiences of Morocco. That is  an ‘Eco – theme’ of low impact on Morocco’s natural environment. We value environmental conservation principles and encourage all our tours to adopt the Eco principal of “LEAVE NO TRACE”.

Grand Morocco is a tour company with many years of experience in the field of Moroccan epic journeys of discovery, based in Casablanca, with English speaking expert guides. The agency specializes in planning and organizing tours of the country and also conducts one day excursions in Morocco, with guides who have intimate knowledge of the areas to be visited.

Our company is a tourist agency which offers the traveler the right balance between organised sightseeing, the flexibility of free time to explore, shop or relax during this unique and unforgettable encounter in Morocco.

Our intention is to offer to the world an intriguing and interesting insight into the Moroccan way of life and Morocco’s ancient culture and history. Every day, we enchant people from around the world with the opportunity to experience the amazing journey of a life time, through wondrous Morocco with us.

Grand Morocco captures Morocco’s mystique, a unique blend of African Berber, Arab and Mediterranean cultures. Our itineraries are designed so one can immerse oneself in a magical close encounter of spectacular landscapes, ancient culture and happy, friendly Moroccan Berber people, the ‘Essence of Morocco’ . Our itineraries are designed to capture the spirit and antiquity of the environment, both on and off the usual tourist routes.

The beauty of GMA holidays and tours is that it gives one an epic journey of discovery, a chance to familiarize oneself with the Kingdom’s rich culture, its environs, its people and many resplendent landscapes and panoramas. We provide great 4WD, Minivans, Buses transportation and expert local guides to explore sensational ancient cities and incredible history of Morocco, the excitement of the bustling medinas full of life, to visit the many glorious souks and historic monuments. Enjoy the grandeur of the land, ancient history and delicious Moroccan foods.

The amazing experiences and free time, if desired, combine to create stunning journeys, truly real life ancient Moroccan Berber culture, and adventure unrivaled. Grand Morocco provides a wonderland of accommodation. The many decorative Riads, Hotels and Majestic Kasbahs offer the traveller luxurious respite after the thrill of the day of wonderful experiences. We offer flexible timetables to assist bookings. Focus is given to the client’s well being and to the client’s satisfaction.

Morocco has it all “The place to be, of all the places you wish to be “. Grand Morocco offers it all.