Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has successfully secured relationships with several Western Powers. Important issues, such as security, immigration and trade, have dominated the relationships and thus given rise to improved economic and social stability for Morocco. International relationships such as Morocco has developed, have assisted Morocco’s arduous and determined efforts to deal with International Terrorism and Islamic extremism.

While visiting Morocco, there will be a very visible indication of security forces, in tactical and prudent locations such as, transport areas, tourist centres and busy Medinas / Souks providing reassurance for visitors of high levels of security in Morocco.

Security travel advice will be offered by one’s Home Country Government agency for travel to Morocco. The safety status of Morocco was updated to level 1, early 2018, to be considered safe now to travel to Morocco. Reference : (USA Department of State Travel).

Tourists should exercise a normal level of caution while visiting Morocco, as would be exercised when visiting any country in the World.

It has been established that there is no greater threat of terrorism in Morocco, than in any major Western World city. As with all cities of the World, petty crime and pick-pocketing is present and one must always be cautious regarding money, jewelry and other valuables.

Morocco can boast to be one of the safest countries of the African nations and the Middle East and hospitality and Happiness will greet the visitor, always.


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